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Champion Our Police Heroes!

Why Support?

  • Stand with NZ’s brave police service and their families.
  • Fight PTSD, its symptoms and side effects, ensuring mental wellness.
  • Join a mission aiming at ZERO suicides within the police community.

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Membership Tiers:

  1. FREE – Stay updated and informed about our police service.
  2. PAID ($25/fortnight) – Enhance occupational health support focusing on mental well-being.

Our Commitment?

  • Tailored assistance for serving & retired police.
  • Priority on mental health.
  • Resources and guidance for families.
  • Collaborations with health, legal, and govt. Bodies.
  • Continuous legal advocacy for police rights.

Your Role? Become a part of a compassionate and resilient community. Support sustained well-being and a brighter future for our police heroes.