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Why Support Us?

Our Mission is Your Mission

At the heart of our Foundation lies a singular goal: championing the well-being of the brave men and women serving in the New Zealand police and the families beside them. When you choose to support us, you’re joining a cause that profoundly impacts lives, touches hearts, and helps safeguard our community heroes.

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Benefits of Supporting Us

  1. Stay Updated & Informed: Our free membership offers insights, updates, and valuable information about our police service. By staying connected, you’re more informed about the challenges our police community faces and the solutions we’re crafting.
  2. Enhanced Occupational Health Support: Our paid membership, available at $25 per fortnight, goes beyond just staying updated. This membership offers occupational health support, prioritising mental health and well-being. This investment ensures that our police community always has a support system, no matter the challenges.

The Core of Our Cause

  • Inclusive Support: By backing us, you’re ensuring that every police worker, whether active or retired, receives assistance tailored to their unique challenges.
  • Mental Health First: You’re playing a part in highlighting the importance of mental health, actively combating PTSD, and preventing suicides.
  • Family at the Forefront: Your support means that the families of our police workers aren’t left behind. They also receive the resources, guidance, and community needed to flourish.
  • Strengthening Partnerships: With every contribution, our collaborative network with health, legal, and government bodies becomes even more potent. We’re creating a safer, more supportive environment for our police workers.
  • A Lasting Commitment: Supporting us means you’re invested in the long run. It’s about addressing current challenges and building a future of sustained well-being and support for our police community.

Legal Safeguard

Our specialised legal team is continuously working to ensure that the rights of police workers are protected, especially in alignment with pivotal legislation like the Health and Safety at Work Act, Accident Compensation Act, and Employment Act. Your support enhances our ability to advocate effectively.

Envisioning a Brighter Tomorrow

Zero suicides within the police community. This isn’t just a statement; it’s a vision we’re passionately pursuing. Your support can make this a reality.

Every gesture, every contribution, and every voice adds strength to our mission. By supporting the Foundation, you’re not just standing with our police workers and their families but becoming an integral part of a compassionate and resilient community.

Together, we can create a difference. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, safer, healthier tomorrow for our police heroes and their loved ones. Join us on this journey. Support the Foundation.

Why Support Us?

At the Foundation, our commitment extends beyond mere words. We are deeply entrenched in the well-being and prosperity of police workers and their families in New Zealand. When you support us, you’re not just donating. You’re standing up for an invaluable cause and aligning yourself with a vision that can reshape futures.

Here’s Why Supporting the Foundation Matters:

  1. Contribute to a Larger Cause: With increasing challenges faced by police personnel, from PTSD to work-related stress, your support helps provide timely, specialised assistance.
  2. Stay Informed & Empowered: By choosing our Free Membership, you’ll be kept updated about our initiatives, success stories, and the difference we make daily. Not only do you learn more about our police service, but you also become a part of a supportive community that shares a unified goal.
  3. Receive Occupational Health Support: Opt for our Paid Membership for police members serving and retired at just $25 per fortnight, and gain access to exclusive occupational health support, ensuring you’re cared for mentally and physically.
  4. Advocate for Mental Health: Your support directly contributes to our mental health initiatives, focusing predominantly on PTSD and suicide prevention. With every contribution, we’re one step closer to our vision: zero suicides within the police community.
  5. Strengthen Family Bonds: Families of police personnel play an unsung yet critical role. By supporting us, you’re helping us create resources and a supportive atmosphere for these families, enabling them to thrive despite their challenges.
  6. Drive Legislative Change: Our close association with key legislation ensures we’re always fighting for the rights of our police workers. Our specialised legal team further bolsters this initiative, offering unmatched rights and workplace concerns expertise.
  7. Be a Part of the Change: It’s not just about funds. It’s about being part of a movement, a collective effort to ensure that our police service is as healthy and resilient as the society they protect and serve.

In Conclusion

Supporting and advocating for the well-being of police workers and their families is a cause that goes beyond immediate challenges. It’s about building a legacy of understanding, compassion, and resilience. And with you by our side, we’re not just dreaming of a brighter future but actively building it.

Join us. Be a beacon of hope. Together, we can make a difference.