[9:52 am] Allister Rose

Membership terms and conditions


Hatikvah: Blue Hope Foundation (The Foundation) believes in a humanitarian approach to our members. We care about you and want to support you, so we have put together membership benefits that will care for you.

  • Submission of the registration form (online, email, or mail) is deemed a binding contract between the applicant and Hatikvah: Blue Hope Foundation for membership of the organisation. The Contract is for a minimum of one year, thereafter the contract rolls over every year until cancelled. Cancellation must be in writing and one month in advance.

Payment is by electronic means after signing up online. Payment is fortnightly and subject to change without consultation. You are paying for a membership of The Foundation. Your membership entitles you to certain privileges:

Your wellbeing is the most important to us. We believe that if you are well this contributes to the success of New Zealand Police and ultimately benefits the community

  • You will be onboarded as a member, where we discuss any potential injuries and employment issues. We provide information of how we help members
  • On boarding is conducted by a senior member of The Foundation or by our occupational health team
  • Follow up consultation will be with a Foundation representative
  • On gaining membership you are entitled to regular updates and ongoing visits or care from the Foundation representatives that are required for management of any workplace injuries or employment issues
  • Advice in dealing with ACC
  • Advice on employment issues
  • Advice when speaking with your medical carer
  • Advice in health and safety matters relating to New Zealand Police
  • The Foundation may accompany you to your medical carer if you require support
  • Membership runs for five years and is reviewed after five years.

Legal assistance

As a member you may be entitled to legal assistance funded by the Foundation. The Foundation may fund an employment lawyer or an ACC lawyer or both. Any decision on providing legal assistance is made by the Managing Director after you have been onboarded and your case has been triaged by the Foundation.



If you require legal assistance with ACC or an employment lawyer, the Foundation will pay legal fees to a maximum of $10,000. You must be a paid-up member of the Foundation for no less than three months. A legal assistance application form must be completed and then signed off by the Manging Director. In the event you use legal assistance provided by the Foundation you are expected to carry on your membership for a minimum of one year.

The Foundation legal assistance can only be used where your employment issue or injury is associated with employment with New Zealand Police.

The Foundation will allocate you with a lawyer.

You will be required to pay an excess of $300 before legal assistance is put in place

The Foundation will seek to recover costs of legal fees associated with your claim against ACC or your employer. The recovered costs will be retained by the Foundation

Acting on your behalf

You may be asked to complete a privacy clearance document; this document is for acting on your behalf when dealing with ACC, lawyers, medical providers, ACC navigation advisors, or New Zealand Police


The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions relating to the terms and conditions, please contact the Managing Director at ar@bluehope.co.nz